What does our mission mean to you? (Guest Post)

Our Artistic Intern, Jerron Herman, shares with us what Colloquy Collective's mission means to him:

An art critic I met named Daniel Siedell was speaking and brought up a word that I want to incorporate daily-- contextus. As you can probably tell it involves context, but what kind? As a burgeoning writer my only drive, and therefore fear if I don’t accomplish it, is to find a foundational context from which to write and then from which to plead your interest in my work. The reason for that word, Dan pointed out, is it connotes a link, a chain, a cord. (This article by Dan is about Cezanne, but pay attention to his use of Sur le Motif!) How often we forget our link to one another and the world. I forgot, for example, while watching the stellar production of Wine in the Wilderness that the story dealt with me. I believe contextus can work silently, but, as if it were labeled on a perishable, it’s power is best used in conversation. And the conversations I’ve had!

The chattiest trains in New York are the downtown 3 and the downtown A. For some reason those riders are thirsty, or maybe just open, for conversation. Merely based on the fact we had a love of iPod word games--the amazing Word Warp which everyone should play--I met an executive producing partner at the Roundabout Theater Company on my way home on the A. On the 3, when me and two other friends were heading home, a flurry of degrees of separation began and buzzed in our car. The funny thing is the catalyst for all our the connections was a street performer named Geoffrey. The point is contextus is binding, both consciously and unconsciously. Being a part of Colloquy Collective has bound me to my roots in a way I feel is impossibly important. How could I ever consider being an artist without my history? Well, Colloquy saved me from that embarrassment.

The mission of Colloquy Collective means being doubly connected to and doubly strengthened by your surroundings. And what are my surroundings? Though they be varied, musical theater punk, vegetarian barbeque, Christian depravity, Black oreos--oxymorons of my experience--I can rest assured I’ll discuss all the facets of myself with this Collective. Here’s real patronage: investing in something to know yourself better.

 Jerron Herman - Artistic Intern

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