Our Mission and Seeing Other's Art (Guest Post)

Our Administrative Intern, Jeanine Donohue, offers her reflections on our mission and work: 

What does the Colloquy Collective mission mean to you?

I feel that Colloquy Collectives mission really emphasizes the concept of looking at an idea or piece of art with multiple lenses. The topics that the company aims to touch on are very important to this generation and apply to all people. Although I have only worked behind the scenes of Colloquy Collective, I feel that every decision about programs and theatrical works is made on the relevance of what is going on in society and not items chosen from a list of random topics. A reason why this company is so respected by people is the fact that the founder, Courtney and her Board of Directors really take the time to discover what people of their community want and not just what they think will work.

What do you think seeing art about other people can tell us about ourselves?

Seeing art about other people can create new perspectives on topics that a person may have never even thought about before. Not only is there the chance that a person never thought of these topics before but one might have also thought that such a topic wasn't applicable to them or their lifestyle. Unfortunately, barriers are created without true reasoning and I personally think that two main causes of such barriers are both media and family values. These two sources can push people to think in one particular way and cause them to automatically shut out other peoples views.

This is why opening the mind to art or just common conversation with different people is so important. It goes back to the saying, "You don’t know how another person lives until you take a walk in their shoes." People grow and learn through experiences, including other peoples experiences. The more exposure there is to different lifestyles and types of people, the more an individual can figure out their own voice on topics and what they agree or disagree with in the world.

Jeanine Donohue - Administrative Intern

Colloquy Collective


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