We're rolling out a new program - Collective Contexts!

Be more than the audience. Colloquy Collective presents a brand new program: Collective Contexts! 

Collective Contexts will be a book club-style forum with plays from our community and beyond. The program strives to transform audiences into informed participants of published work. We want you to read, engage, question, and enjoy a new play with us in a 5-part series starting in September. 

So, how will it work?

Well, that’s up to you: As this is a pilot program, your input is invaluable. We’ve included a (very brief) survey with some questions that will inform your experience with the new program. Click here to tell us how this program can serve you.

Ultimately, there will be five sessions from September through November. Twice every month, a group of you and some facilitators from Colloquy Collective will meet to discuss a play with drinks and light refreshments. We’ll talk about the themes, pitfalls, and praises - the discussion is yours to control!

So, please take a few minutes and complete our survey. Your insight will help us determine program costs and online features, as well as many other aspects of the program. After all, we at Colloquy Collective want you to create your own contexts and challenge your perspective. E-mail info [at] colloquy-collective [dot] org. if you're interested in participating!

Thank you for your time and we’ll see you in September!

--Colloquy Collective


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