Colloquy Collective is Ready for 2013!

My name is Courtney, and I'm building a dream.

There are, and have always been, two driving forces in my life: identity and theater. Everything I've ever done has been about discovering not only who I am, but also, how the world sees me. 

Theater is the medium I've used to make those discoveries. It's amazing what a play can tell someone about themselves; it's even more amazing what a play can tell us about others. Theatrical experience can take us from our comfortable space and place us in moments that highlight our best and illuminate our worst. By playing as other people, the performer (and audience) can find themselves.

Colloquy Collective is, at its center, a theater company. However, I want it to explore the implications of the work it puts up: whom is it speaking to? What is it saying? Why? Whose experience is reflected on stage? Who is in the audience? 

This is simply the beginning.

I want to create conversations. I want to ask hard questions. I want to make us all, myself included, a little uncomfortable. I want to make great theater. And mostly, I want to redefine who theater talks to.

Thank you for your time. There is certainly more to come.

Courtney - Artistic Director

In 1996, August Wilson spoke at the Theater Communications Group conference.