Colloquy Collective Goes Back To Work!

Dear friends,

While 2016 has been eventful for us all, it has been quiet for Colloquy Collective. We had an eventful 2015: producing Strange Fruit in partnership with JACK and Rachel (1916) in partnership with New Brooklyn Theatre. We had features in the New York Theatre Review, Hyperallergic, and on NPR’s Morning Edition. Colloquy Collective spent 2015 telling powerful stories about people who were surviving (and thriving) under unimaginable conditions. People for whom asserting their humanity was a matter of life and death. People who found time to laugh, sing, hope and take care of themselves when the world refused to acknowledge them. I am immensely proud of the work we’ve done and am excited to do more. 

But I needed some time to take care of myself.

I didn’t realize I was taking a year off until I was a third of the way through it. I needed time to rebuild and refocus. I needed to know what I could do to take care of myself while considering what Colloquy Collective could do next. I recognized that I was no good to my organization if I burned out before we could really get going. I remembered that we are a community that values self-care in a world that rarely provides space or resources for wholeness, especially for women of color. Colloquy Collective’s fifth year in existence came and went and I know that both myself and the organization are stronger for having taken that time. 

Now is the time to go back to work.

I am excited to announce that Darren Edward Johnston is joining Colloquy Collective as the new Artistic Director. My title will be changing to Producing Artistic Director: a change that more accurately reflects all the things I do to keep this wonderful organization going. Our mission remains unchanged and more crucial than ever. We will continue to “present theatrical works in contexts that both examine and redefine those works' relationship to the identity politics, historical baggage, and community representations of patrons and participants.” We are committed to telling stories that center people of color and our experiences. 

Mostly, in the wake of an election built on false or incomplete narratives, we will strive to present work that challenges the oppressive status quo, with empathy and fully-embodied humanity. 

2017 is our time to do the work and tell more stories.

“Courtney Harge is a force, in the community, in our field, and in my life, in particular. I have been a fan and supporter of Colloquy Collective for years. Over the course of many conversations, Courtney and I realized that if we combined forces, we could push the ball forward on behalf of the values we share, professionally and personally: radical inclusion, radical empathy, radical welcome, and more.  Bottom line? I am SO excited for this collaboration and for the opportunity to not only continue doing what Colloquy Collective does so well, re-contextualizing existing theater that needs to be heard again now, but to expand our efforts into new play development and growing this collective of artists.  

Of all the beliefs Courtney and I share, perhaps our belief in
ensemble is the greatest: good theater can only be made and shared if we open our hearts toward each other in community, while honoring the individuality each brings into the room. That’s the sense of ensemble Courtney has fostered at Colloquy since the beginning and that we want to grow with you in 2017.” - Darren Edward Johnston, Artistic Director

Read Darren’s bio here and feel free to reach out to either of us if you have questions.


Courtney Harge        
Producing Artistic Director        

Welcome to Colloquy Collective!


Colloquy Collective’s vision is to be an alternative voice in the popular discourse regarding performance, identity, culture, and art; and to be a venue for complex theatrical conversations on how social imbalance affects (and has affected) power, relationships, and history. There is a lack of dialogue between “traditional” theater and “multicultural” theater that creates unnecessary conflict, and leaves all sides misinformed. There are traditions inherent to all communities that effect audience response to performance: the organization intends to make those traditions available to broader audiences in order to create holistic theatrical experiences for all those involved

Moreover, Colloquy Collective will be an institution in which all people can explore the complexities of their identities through art. Issues of race, sexuality, ability, age, community, religion, will all be examined through performances, talkbacks, forums, discussions, and videos presented within the context of what has come before. New generations of art-experiencers will be exposed to works that may not be of their community and will be given the tools to recognize and appreciate that difference. They will also be able to apply and relate their experience to others. Colloquy Collective’s vision is a conversation where people rejoice in their differences and connect in their art. 

If you want to get involved or learn more about the work we're doing e-mail info [at] colloquy-collective [dot] org. Thank you for visiting us here at Colloquy Collective. 

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